Here you can find the archive of DALEC (January - July 2012)


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The following questions will be discussed from various points of view in relation to age and place of origin in the Danube Region: Does the travel up and on theDanubeconnect us? What are the effects of the changed age structure in the Danube Region? How is tradition in the Danube Region seen by different generations?

The lectures will be held by scientists in 14- day intervals and will be simultaneously transmitted per videoconference to the other partners’ locations. Each lecture will be directly followed by a moderated discussion with participants from all four countries. The lectures will be given in English and consecutively translated in the respective national languages.

This online lecture series is aimed at pensioners, professionals, students and pupils. The project’s goal is to identify with the help of the new media similarities and differences and to search from various viewpoints for solutions to social problems.